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    Tuxedo Travel is dedicated to creating the vacation of your dreams. From handling all the small details (such as securing your preferred seats and flight times) to sourcing amazing experiences around the world, we’re committed to making your holiday special for you. Whether it’s a visit to an elephant sanctuary, cooking lessons in Italy, a world cruise or the perfect island resort or private house, you can count on us to design your next adventure. Meet the team that will make your dreams come true ... Tuxedo Travel was started by Brenda and Joseph on April 1, 2016, and we are so excited that we have survived and will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary in 2021! Brenda started a career in the early 1980s, however life took some turns and Brenda finally got back to her passion in 2016. Joseph, who loves to travel and experience food and adventure, was ready to take on a new challenge and the idea of Tuxedo Travel took over and became the passion for both Brenda and Joseph. The mascot, Tuxedo, is a great asset to the team, always making people smile and helping to start up conversations that lead to travel. The team consists of three Associate Agents, all of whom bring great knowledge and experiences to the table: Tamie Tran was the first to join Tuxedo Travel in 2017. Tamie brings years of experience planning around the world vacations and she can't wait to get her clients travelling again. Nayab joined Tuxedo Travel in 2018 and is new to the travel industry but brings enthusiasm and experience travelling the world with her. Nayab has a great understanding of what the younger generations of traveller are looking for in their experiences around the world. Susan White will be coming Tuxedo Travel in April 2021. Susan is a travel professional who has worked on her own business, Xhale Travel for the last 5 years and is now joining Tuxedo Travel to enable us to service clients better and expand our service area. Susan is an experienced agent who loves to plan dream vacations for her clients. Susan is fabulous at dealing with weddings and honeymoons. Anything you want, she can make it happen! Whatever you need to make your travel plans happen, Tuxedo Travel will get it done!

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