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Choosing an agent who is part of The Travel Agent Next Door means you are 100% guaranteed that your professional travel consultant is well travelled as well as educated on a huge number of travel styles, options and experiences.  When an agent chooses to be a part of The Travel Agent Next Door network, they are connected with the best brands, hotel chains, airlines, cruise companies, touring companies and more.  Each travel professional associated with The Travel Agent Next Door is incredibly passionate about travel and providing you with the holiday of a lifetime that will fit your needs and budget.  Make the right choice and book with us today.

Brenda O'hara

Brenda O'hara

Owner - Operator

Brenda started her full-time working career in the travel industry in the early 1980's, however life took some detours and Brenda spent years in the retail sector travelling across the country opening locations and training staff. Brenda then moved into the Marketing & Promotion Industry. The last 25 years have given great insight into the importance of a strong sales team and knowing your customer and building relationships with customers and suppliers. Brenda never lost the passion for travel and has decided it is time to go back and help people make their dreams come true along with her own dream of owning and operating her own travel agency with her partner Joseph.

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Joseph Lacroix

Joseph Lacroix

An entrepreneur to the bone, Joseph used to be known as a jack of all trades, learning about himself and gaining valuable experience while trying out different professions, finally finding something he loved to do, and that is making people happy. Joseph started his own Interior & Exterior Painting business in 2009. Starting up from nothing, Joseph is growing his business substantially every year. As a start up, Joseph has learned the essentials of training, negotiating, networking, and making customers happy. Joseph is very detailed in all his undertakings and will be great in the travel industry and is looking forward to helping people fulfill their adventure travel dreams.


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Hello, my name is Tuxedo but my friends call me Tux!

I had a rough time as a pup and didn't have a place that made me feel safe, sure I tried a few different places but I never seemed to get a fair shake.

Then I met Brenda & Joseph, they started to give me love from the moment I arrived, and I knew that I found my forever home.

So they decided to name this place after me! My days are now spent greeting people at the door and laying under Brenda's desk, life is good now!

I get the best vibes from Brenda & Joseph and I know you will too! Stop in see me when you have a chance and don't worry if I run to the door and bark, I am just excited and it is my way of saying Hello!




We are happy to introduce Nayab, our newest member of Tuxedo Travel. Nayab is new to the travel business but doesn’t come without some travel experience. Nayab is a well-travelled and has experienced most of North America, along with Europe, UAE and Africa. One of Nayab’s favourite spots is Italy and she is looking forward to exploring Thailand! Until she travels again Nayab is going to put her experience of studying and working in accounting to good use in the Travel Industry, her attention to detail and knowing how to work the numbers will ensure accurate information is provided and her love of planning/organizing will be a great asset to planning your dream vacation! Please feel free to reach out to Nayab to help you plan your dream vacation. Nayab can be reached at: 905-567-9493 #2419 or nayab@tuxedotrave.ca

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